Most of us are likely to suffer from headache in some form at some point in our lives. Recurrent headaches, characterised by pain and disability, are the third leading cause of disability in the world. The most common headache disorders are tension type, migraine, cluster, and cervicogenic headache. Headache can also occur secondary to many other things, with the most common being medication overuse.

How Myotherapy can help:

Strong evidence exists suggesting a strong correlation between myofascial trigger points (TrPs) in the head, face and neck and the severity and location of the headache symptoms, as well as headache frequency. Myotherapy, a modality that specialises in musculoskeletal conditions including deactivating TrPs, is therefore ideal in the long-term treatment of headache and headache disorders. At Reawaken Myotherapy a thorough health history and physical assessment will be undertaken to try and determine the cause of your headache, from there a comprehensive treatment and management plan will be developed with you. This may include lifestyle modification advise, home care activities, and targeted soft tissue, joint, or neurological work required to reduce or resolve the headache symptoms.

If you suffer from headache and want a drug free plan to manage them, then make an appointment at Reawaken Myotherapy today!