Corporate Services – Health, Wellbeing, and Fitness

It is well established that a healthy workforce is good for business. Employees that are healthy and happy are more productive, have fewer sick days, and stay in their workplaces longer. Unfortunately most jobs today involved prolonged static postures or repetitive movements that expose employees and management alike to issues such as muscle strains, joint stiffness, headache, excessive fatigue, and neural pain, all leading to a less happy and healthy, and therefore productive workforce.

Although it would be nice to avoid exposure to these situations altogether, sometimes it is not possible. This is where Myotherapy can help. By assessing and treating each individuals situation, long term health outcomes are improved and symptoms are managed in consultation with the client through evidence based treatment and education.

Reawaken Myotherapy offers mobile services (detailed below) making taking care of your employees easy, as we come to you!

Corporate Services – Seated Massage:

Seated massage is a great way to have a number of work related musculoskeletal issues assessed and treated on site in the convenience of your office or workplace. These services have been shown to boost staff morale, reduce stress, and most importantly can be used to treat aches and pains that are caused by repetitive postures and task preformed at work.

Appointments can be 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes long, depending on the individual. Minimum numbers do apply however and can be discussed when you enquire about our services.

One thing to note, although it is called massage, a skilled Reawaken therapist can preform other techniques and each treatment will be personalised to get the absolute best outcome for each individual.

Corporate Services – Group Exercise:

Exercise is fast becoming the leading ‘therapy’ in the medical and health industries. With a host of benefits ranging from decreased risk of disease to increased mood and immune function, it is no wonder researchers are saying that exercise is the front line treatment for conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, as well as recommending it for mental health, cognitive, and social afflictions.

Reawaken offer a mobile group fitness service that caters for groups of all sizes and abilities. We pride out selves on delivering fun, challenging and dynamic exercise plans that can be tailored to each individual in the group. As well, we focus on setting each participant up for long term success by working with them at their pace and comfort level, and gradually increasing the demand as they adapt and want to challenge themselves.

Workplaces are required to have a suitable area to exercise (minimum of 4m2 per person) that is free from hazards and preferably out of the elements. All equipment and supplies are otherwise included. Enquire about pricing and availability here.

Corporate Services – Ergonomic Assessment

At Reawaken Myotherapy we use the latest photographic analysis software to record and analyse work station posture and set up.  Using this software allows for accurate and precise seated lateral analysis of your workers to better evaluate work ergonomic environments. Once completed this gives companies and employers an in depth visual report allowing them to make informed decisions on individual work station setups.

Enquire today to find out how Reawaken can help you take care of your workforce.