Back pain is a complicated and prevalent issue in the modern world, with multiple biological, psychological, and social factors at play. While the exact pain mechanisms will vary from person to person, the latest evidence is pointing away from passive therapies, medication and surgery in favour of patients moving and exercising. Therefore the aim is to get you fitter and stronger! The correct exercise prescription is vital in the early stages and any exercise program should be designed by a suitably qualified and experienced exercise rehab professional.

Reawaken Myotherapy employs the latest practice in lower back pain management and treatment. With years of rehabilitative experience you can be confident you are in good hands!

A consult with Reawaken will see you thoroughly assessed, and a comprehensive myotherapy plan developed with you. This will incorporate any soft tissue, joint, or neurological work required, a progressive exercise and strengthening plan, and home care activities that will give you the tools to take control of your back pain!

If you experience back pain, why not book an appointment at Reawaken today and see how Myotherapy can help you take control of your pain!