Initial Appointment

60 minute duration* – $105 

During your initial appointment your therapist will conduct a thorough health history and physical assessment. The exact type and length of assessments will largely depend on the presenting condition, and it is important to realise that an in-depth history and assessment is vital to fully understanding the clients issue, and therefore treating and managing it effectively.

A typical initial consultation may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Client history of condition/injury

  • Osteokinematic (range of motion) testing

  • Functional movement screening

  • Muscle function testing

  • Arthrokinematic (joint movement) testing

  • Provocation testing

  • Treatment planning & goal setting

  • Treatment

  • Education and home care advice

Physical therapist examining patient's elbow

Standard Follow Up Appointment

45 minute duration* – $85

During a follow up consult lasting for 45 minutes, a brief history of the condition/s progression will be taken and some physical assessment may take place in order to gauge the effectiveness of the previous sessions treatment. These sessions will be more focused on treatment and education about the condition/s.

Professional leg and knee massage in studio.

Short Follow Up Appointment

30 minute duration* – $70

As per the 45 minute consult, some history and assessment may be undertaken, however these sessions will primary focus on treating the condition based on findings from the initial appointment.

  • Post treatment evaluation
  • Treatment
  • Education and home care advice

Carmen Vicedo Giner

Sports Taping

15 minute duration* – $50

These appointments are for applying protective taping (rigid or corrective) and/or kinesiology taping following a full assessment and treatment planning at the initial appointment. When no further treatment is required but taping can be used to manage the condition or prevent injury prior to sporting activity, these sessions are a great way to ensure the tape is applied correctly and appropriately.


*appointment duration does not equate to treatment time. Actual treatment times will vary depending on the presenting circumstances, and may vary from appointment to appointment.