Why exercise is essential to your healing process

Physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for chronic illness. According to the World Health Organization physically inactive people have 20 – 30% higher risk for premature death than the active population.

But what if you are injured and movement hurts? In most cases, rest isn’t the best option anymore. Why? In many cases injuries and pain are caused by muscular dysfunctions or muscular imbalances. Resting might further decondition the already affected muscles and make you feel worse. So instead of resting, it is important to restore the muscular balance and function though an individually prescribed exercise program.

It also has shown that manual therapies are more effective in conjunction with exercise and will also help to prevent reoccurrence of injuries.

The key factor to every exercise program is consistency: your body needs time and regular stimulation to become stronger and more functional, which makes your commitment an important part of the equation and the healing process. Ask your provider about not only the ideal exercise selection, but also on how you can support your outcomes by doing selected exercises at home to increase exercise frequency.

Home exercise programs shouldn’t take up too much time and do not require a health club membership or expensive equipment. You might even achieve more with a consistent 5 to 10 minute program performed 3 to 5 times per week than with an hour-long workout at a gym.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your healthcare provider (think myo, physio or specialised personal trainer here) to help you start an exercise program that works for you and become THE important part of your healing process! Spending just a few minutes a day is a great investment for a happy and healthy future!

Written by WebExercises, and altered by Dan Hammond, Myotherapist (Bachelor Health Science – Myotherapy) and Master Functional Trainer (CertIV Fitness). 2018

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