Myotherapy for Children

Is Myotherapy suitable for children?

The short answer is: absolutely! And for many reasons!

My son recently had complained about his heart ‘hurting’ after exercise like trampolining and playing soccer, so as a parent the alarm bells started ringing!  I examined him and gathered as much detail as I could regarding the issue, which lead me to believe that he had a tight left pectorial muscle rather than a heart issue, however we  took him to the Doctor for a second opinion regardless. Following examination and some detailed questioning she also determined that the cause was most likely a tight pec and prescribed some muscle release work! Turns out, as active as my son was, the hours of working out in front of his body at school on his iPad, reading books, drawing and other things he enjoys doing had shortened his pec muscle and a small dose of manual therapy was exactly what the Doctor ordered! This is a very common issue in today society, not just in children.

Other common issues that I see arise from participation sports like acute injuries, overuse injuries, and muscle or joint pain arising from poor technique or movement patterns. Children are generally moving less and not varying their movement patterns to build a strong and robust musculoskeletal system, predisposing them to  injury, pain and dysfunction. Myotherapy analyses movement and assesses muscle function to determine what movements need correction and what muscles need strengthening. At Reawaken  Myotherapy we are experienced in working with children to develop movement skills in a fun and enjoyable way, laying the foundation for safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable physical activity for children of all ages.

Written by Dan Hammond, Myotherapist (Bachelor Health Science – Myotherapy) and Master Functional Trainer (CertIV Fitness). 2018

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