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At Reawaken Myotherapy we are passionate about helping every body perform to its maximum potential. We are dedicated to working with our clients to achieve the outcome they desire, whether that be to simply move with less pain or restriction, to recover from an injury and return to normal activities, to increase their athletic performance, or reduce their potential for injury.

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Myotherapy is the evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. Literally meaning muscle therapy, Myotherapists are your muscle experts!

Remedial Massage

Treat tired, aching and painful muscles with a treatment designed to reduce tension, reduce muscle trigger points and free up fascial adhesions.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is a type of therapy geared towards active individuals, usually those who present with common strains resulting from strenuous exercises and movements.

Sports Taping

Protective taping (rigid or corrective) and kinesiology taping for: Reduced injury risk, Improved properoception and body awareness, Improved fluid circulation, Pain reduction

Postural & Movement Assessment

Following an initial appointment, these sessions aim to correct faulty posture movement patterns that predispose you to injury and pain. Education, mobility and strengthening drills are undertaken during sessions.

Exercise Prescription and Programming

Here at Reawaken our goal is to get you moving! We are experienced in prescribing and programming evidence backed exercise programs for conditions such as lower back pain, headache, and knee pain to name a few.


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Reawaken will have a new home in 2020 That’s right! From January 6th 2020 Reawaken Myotherapy will be located at 72 Karawarra Circuit, Cranbourne North, just off Clyde Road. Our new and improved Clinic will feature a larger clinic room with private restroom, on-site gym and rehab space, and a much more homelier feel than… Read More

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Participation in sports and exercise among women and girls is continuing to increase. And while this is fantastic to see, it has also lead to an increase in the injury rates amongst the female population. Below we discuss 3 of the most common injuries seen amongst active females, what the risk factors are, and how… Read More

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What makes a good squat? Or even an acceptable squat? The ideal squat is a hotly debated topic in the health and fitness world, but with so many opinions out there it can get very confusing to know if you are completing this fundamental movement ‘correctly’. Having worked with countless clients, both in the strengthen… Read More

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It is with great excitement that we would like to introduce Ashanthi Mendis! 😀😀 She has just joined the Reawaken team as a Remedial Massage Therapist and is taking appointments from mid January 2019. Ashanthi is a diploma qualified Remedial Massage Therapist who is passionate about her clients long term health and well-being goals. She uses a… Read More

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Pain at the ball of the foot (forefoot pain): Conditions discussed in this article are: metatarsal phalangeal joint synovitis, Turf Toe or big toe sprain, Hallux Limitus, Hallux Valgus, and Sesamoid injuries. Aside from corns, warts and calluses, there are many causes of forefoot pain. The joints of the toes (phalangeal joints) and the metatarsals… Read More

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Foot Pain Part 1 – Rear foot and Mid foot pain Conditions discussed in this article are: plantar fasciopathy (fasciitis), heal pain, and stress fractures. Part 2 will feature conditions relating to the ball of the foot (forefoot). Are you suffering from foot pain? Pain while load bearing, walking, running, dancing or otherwise using your feet… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

Dan is currently treating me for lower back pain which is caused from years of sitting at my work desk all day. His treatment has already freed up my movements significantly. He’s very friendly and knowledgeable and has helped me through sporting injuries also. Highly recommended!

I was suffering from back and shoulder pain from working at a desk all day. I am also halfway through my third pregnancy and I’ve experienced lower back pain. I’ve been treated by Dan for the past month and the results have been fantastic. Dan’s professionalism and knowledge are second to none.

I had tried many different therapies over a 2 year period for lower back pain with no relief. After my first visit with Dan he immediately found the problem and for the first time in a year I was able to sit rather than lay on the floor to watch TV. As I suffer from chronic pain he continues to work wonders and is great at locating the sore spots. Highly recommended if you are fed up with therapists who don’t listen and just keep doing the same thing every visit.

Dan was very knowledgeable and I was amazed at how the treatment has improved my overall feeling and wellbeing. Highly recommend


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